Owner/President, Payne Financial Solutions

Paul Payne’s passion has always been helping people improve their lives through learning. As a former educator, coach and Major League Baseball scout, it was a natural fit for him to channel that passion into helping people learn how to better manage their finances.

Paul founded Payne Financial Solutions in 2011 because he wanted to develop a more modern, education-based practice. “I tell clients that the knowledge they have today will determine where they will be five to 10 years from now…and especially at the time they retire,” he says. “I teach them how money works and let them make their own informed decisions.”

To empower his clients’ learning, Paul connects them with specialists at Payne Financial who focus on different aspects of financial planning. “Unlike other advisors, I don’t feel you can be an expert at everything,” he says. “So, when I designed Payne Financial Solutions, I brought people into my organization who focused on key areas of financial health. I specialize in life insurance and using annuities to protect your wealth.”

Paul says having enough money to retire on is a common worry facing seniors. “Most people show up 10 days before they retire to start their retirement planning. I believe retirement planning should start the first day you are employed,” he adds. “That allows you to go through all of the stages of accumulation, safety and then spending at retirement. Some people don’t realize that accumulation should start long before you retire.”

In addition to protecting the current wealth of his clients, Paul also focuses on legacy and estate planning, to ensure the wealth created today is passed down to the next generation in the most strategic and financially beneficial ways possible.

No matter what stage of planning they are in, client education begins early. “My goal when meeting a client for the first time, is to find out what they want from their retirement plan,” Paul says. “On the second visit, I want them to have more questions than answers for me. That is the way they learn.”

Paul feels consulting with a professional like him is valuable because it gives clients a chance to revise their plan if it isn’t going to get them where they want to go. “Most people say they want safety, liquidity, and some protection for their families, should they pass away,” he says. “They tell me they have a 401(k), which really doesn’t provide any of those things. So many people are doing the exact opposite of what they say they want financially.”

For nearly two decades in the life insurance and wealth planning industry, Paul has accrued a treasure trove of educational material developed by experienced professionals, including attorneys, CPAs, tax professionals, authors, financial experts and pension, employee benefit and retirement experts. Paul has trained more than 130 agents in 38 different states in the ways of implement life insurance and annuities to help clients achieve their financial goals, and he continues to grow his network of agents to date. Throughout his career, Paul has issued more than 4,000 life insurance policies totaling more than $3 billion in coverage to families and business.

Paul is married to his lovely wife, Meaghan, and the two are proud parents to their three daughters; Alizay, Sailor, and Reagan. Paul loves spending quality time with his family and his dog, Ripper. In his spare time, this lifetime Porter County resident likes to travel with his family to tropical destinations and has a passion for deep-sea fishing. He enjoys attending sporting events – especially Cubs games at Wrigley Field.


Vice President, Payne Financial Solutions

Since 2008, Kimberly Wiseman’s career has revolved around the concept of building and securing the financial well-being of her clients’ futures. Kimberly understands the importance of educating people on the many options available when it comes to planning for retirement. By creating specific plans designed and custom-tailored to each individual client, she makes the tough financial decisions easy.

“One size does not fit all when you’re planning your financial future,” she says. “My focus is to help create a plan that suits the unique needs of my clients and helps them reach their retirement goals.”

There are many ways that Kimberly approaches helping her clients build a safe, diversified portfolio. Her process begins by conducting a detailed needs analysis, not only to help her clients achieve their financial needs today, but also their retirement goals of tomorrow. Through education, Kim helps her often overwhelmed clients feel at ease with an extensive arsenal of financial products and wealth accumulation strategies.

For years, Kim has been diligently building a team of advisors that focus on the many different aspects of retirement and which course of action is best depending on needs and goals of each client. Kimberly believes that it is her job to guide and educate her clients into diversifying their financial portfolio to benefit them through their working years and lead them into their retirement.

Her previous experience in the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries, along with her passion for people, has provided her with a methodology that sets her apart from other agents.

Kimberly is a licensed life insurance agent and has been working alongside Paul Payne since 2008. Paul and Kimberly had a vision to build a team of top advisors and that is what lead them to the creation of Payne Financial Solutions. As Vice President of Payne Financial Solutions, Kimberly delivers exceptional value to motivated financial professionals by maintaining the rapport between trusted advisors and insurance carriers throughout the industry.  She attended Indiana University Northwest and is married to her husband Erik with three children, Blake, Alyssa, and Brogan. She loves cooking, boating, and spending time with her family and friends. Her passion for family and supporting her community drives her professional success.


Agent, Payne Financial Solutions

Aaron Patten is a licensed life insurance agent at Payne Financial Solutions. Aaron’s philosophy of the insurance industry is the driving force behind his desire to help people in our community to protect their financial well-being: “There is a financial education gap between the wealthy and the middle-class. My job is to help bridge that gap by educating both clients and agents about the uses and benefits of life insurance and financial planning.” Aaron is currently licensed in nine states and is hoping to expand into many others.

As an agent for Payne Financial Solutions, Aaron’s use of new, trending financial products and knowledge of unconventional financial tools is what he enjoys speaking with clients about most. “I love getting people to sit down with me while I share my knowledge of unconventional financial tools and concepts,” Aaron says.

Aaron has been a resident of Valparaiso since 1999. He previously lived in East Liverpool, Ohio, before his family was relocated to the area. He is an avid college football fan, and a passionate Ohio State Buckeye fan. He is an active member of Calvary Church in Valparaiso. In his down time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his family, getting out on the golf course, working out and boating during the warm summer months.


Director of Operations/Agent

Megan Witherspoon-Minter is the Director of Operations and an agent with Payne Financial Solutions, specializing in children’s life insurance and mortgage protection. She has been in the financial planning industry since 2007 and prides herself on her ability to guide clients in the direction that will help them reach financial stability for their family.

As Director of Operations, Megan is responsible for processing applications, facilitating company finances and serves as a point of contact for all of our agents’ needs and supervises the day-to-day functions of the office.

Megan says, “life insurance has evolved and there are many options available when creating a financial plan for the future”. She helps clients outline their goals and figure out which route is best to protect their mortgage using life insurance. “Not everyone has the same financial goals,” Megan explains.

Megan enjoys watching her clients light up when they realize they can reach the goals they set forth for their family.  “It is important to always have a plan in place.” Some say Megan was born to be in the industry as her mother worked for an insurance company for over 45 years.  Megan learned the importance of life insurance at a young age.

In her spare time, Megan is the Vice President, one of the founding members, and sits on the board of directors for a local non-profit organization – Hannah’s Hope.

The organization provides funding for medical equipment for children with special needs. Megan’s community involvement has brought more education to different groups in the region that may have not been aware of the options available for their families.  Bringing that awareness has really fueled her passion in the financial planning industry.

Megan, her husband Timothy, and their daughter Vivian enjoy spending weekends together and playing outside with their two dogs Max and Cali.  They also enjoy planning family outings to Hannah’s Hope playground, an all-accessible playground for children of all ages, built in September 2017 in Portage’s Founder’s Square Park.