Meet Paul Payne


Paul Payne’s passion has always been helping people improve their lives through learning. As a former educator, coach, and Major League Baseball scout, it was a natural fit for him to channel that passion into helping people learn how to better manage their finances.

Paul founded Payne Financial Solutions in 2011 because he wanted to develop a more modern, education-based practice. “I tell clients that the knowledge they have today will determine where they will be five to 10 years from now…and especially at the time they retire,” he says. “I teach them how money works, and let them make their own informed decisions.”

To empower his clients’ learning, Paul connects them with specialists at Payne Financial who focus on different aspects of financial planning. “Unlike other advisors, I don’t feel you can be an expert at everything,” he says. “So when I designed Payne Financial Solutions, I brought people into my organization who focused on key areas of financial health. I specialize in life insurance and using annuities to protect your wealth.”

Paul says having enough money to retire on is a common worry facing seniors. “Most people show up 10 days before they retire to start their retirement planning. I believe retirement planning should start the first day you are employed,” he adds. “That allows you to go through all of the stages of accumulation, safety and then spending at retirement. Some people don’t realize that accumulation should start long before you retire.”

In addition to protecting the current wealth of his clients, Paul also focuses on legacy and estate planning. A vital part of Paul’s approach includes ensuring the wealth created today is passed down to the next generation in the most strategic and financially beneficial ways possible.

No matter what stage of planning they are in, client education begins early. “My goal when meeting a client for the first time, is to find out what they want from their retirement plan,” Paul says. “On the second visit, I want them to have more questions than answers for me. That is the way they learn.”

Paul feels consulting with a professional like him is valuable because it gives clients a chance to revise their plan if it isn’t going to get them where they want to go. “Most people say they want safety, liquidity, and some protection for their families, should they pass away,” he says. “They tell me they have a 401(k), which really doesn’t provide any of those things. So many people are doing the exact opposite of what they say they want financially.

After nearly two decades in the life insurance and wealth planning industry, Paul has accrued a treasure trove of educational material developed by experienced professionals, including attorneys, CPAs, tax professionals, authors, financial experts, specializing in pension, employee benefits, retirement and estate/legacy planning. Paul has trained more than 130 agents in 38 different states in the implementation of life insurance and annuities to help clients achieve their financial goals, and he continues to grow his network of agents to date. Throughout his career, Paul has issued more than 4,000 life insurance policies totaling more than $3 billion in coverage to families and businesses.

Paul is married to his lovely wife, Meaghan, and the two are proud parents to their three daughters; Alizay, Sailor, and Reagan. Paul loves spending quality time with his family and his dog, Ripper. In his spare time, this lifetime Porter County resident likes to travel with his family to tropical destinations and has a passion for deep-sea fishing. He enjoys attending sporting events – especially Cubs games at Wrigley Field.


Meet Trisha Field

According to Trisha Field, preparing for retirement at an earlier age can ease the process and allow people to live the retirement of their dreams. “I want to make our clients feel confident knowing that when the time comes, they will have everything they need to do whatever they want for the rest of their lives,” Trisha says.

Looking out for the best interests of her clients as she would for family and friends, Trisha takes a one-on-one approach. She truly gets to know clients and what they want for their future. “You get to know our staff as we get to know you and your family,” she says. “We want it to feel like home when clients come to our office.”

In the sales industry for over 11 years, Trisha brought her expertise and experience to Payne Financial Solutions in January 2015. Life Insurance plays so many roles that are so important for your family. It can cover many needs that are individualized for each family. Your life, house, planning for a child’s future and your future retirement are very important aspects of being protected.

Knowing that many people are unaware of their options when it comes to financial planning, Trisha focuses on discovering new financial vehicles that could benefit her clients. She then takes time to educate her clients on what is available. Together, they construct valuable roadmaps to financial freedom.

“My goal is to build friendships and ease burdens for families and friends,” Trisha says. “I want them to be able to have their retirement work for them and not worry about outliving their money.”

In her free time, Trisha enjoys being with her family, nieces and nephews. She is married to fellow Payne Financial Solutions advisor Ken Field and likes to spend her time fishing, traveling and playing with their Goldendoodle puppy, Wrigley.

Meet Megan Witherspoon

An Executive Case Manager and a life and health insurance agent at Payne Financial Solutions, Megan specializes in children’s life insurance and college planning. She has been in the financial planning industry since 2007, and prides herself on her ability to guide clients in the direction that will help them reach financial stability for their family.

“What I enjoy most is watching clients light up when they realize they can reach the goals they set forth for their children,” Megan says. “It is important to have a plan in place.”

Megan says life insurance has evolved and there are many options available when creating a financial plan for the future. She helps clients outline their goals and figure out which route to take to suit their individual needs.“ Not every person has the same financial plan”, Megan says.

“Life insurance is never an easy thing to think about for your children, but it is something that can help protect them in the future,” Megan says. “In our practice, we may all specialize in something different, but we all strive to help and support our clients with all of their financial needs.”

As Vice President of Hannah’s Hope, a nonprofit that provides funding for medical equipment, therapies, and pediatric brain research for children with special needs, along with raising funds for an all-inclusive handicap accessible playground. Megan knows the importance of planning for all of life’s unexpected changes. Her community involvement fuels her passion in the financial planning industry as well. Also in her spare time, Megan enjoys local vineyard tours, spending time with family, friends, and her puppy Gus.

Meet Kimberly Wiseman

Kimberly Wiseman’s genuine interest in her clients’ financial futures has helped her serve them well since 2008. Kimberly understands the importance of educating people on the many options available when it comes to planning for retirement. And, by creating specific plans designed for each individual client, she makes the tough financial decisions easy.

“One size does not fit all when you’re planning your financial future,” she says. “My focus is to help create a plan that suits the unique needs of my clients and helps them reach their retirement goals.”

There are many ways that Kimberly approaches helping her clients build a safe diversified portfolio. She feels that conducting a detailed needs analyses helps her not only help her clients achieve their financial needs but also their retirement goals. She understands that individuals can feel overwhelmed when trying to plan, and educates them on the steps they can take to reach their goals.

Kimberly understands that building a team of advisors that focuses on different retirement accounts is, in most cases, the best plan for her clients. She understands that “putting all of your eggs in one basket” is one of the financial planning mistakes that a lot of individuals make. She feels that it is her job to guide and educate her clients into diversifying their financial portfolio to benefit them through their working years and lead them into their retirement.

Life insurance can benefit people throughout their retirement years, such as building up savings accounts,” Kimberly says. And she feels her experience in the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries, along with her passion for people, has provided her with a methodology that sets her apart from other agents.

“I support my clients by educating them on how they can utilize life insurance not only for a death benefit, but as a vehicle for savings and retirement,” she says. “It is fulfilling seeing clients living the retirement of their dreams.”

Kimberly is a licensed life and health insurance agent and has been working alongside Paul Payne since 2008. Paul and Kimberly had a vision to build a team of top advisors and that is what lead them to opening Payne Financial Solutions. Kimberly handles marketing, accounting and much more as the Director of Operations for Payne Financial Solutions. She attended Purdue North Central and is married with three children. She loves cooking, boating and spending time with her family and friends. Her passion for family drives her professional success.

“I enjoy working with families and seeing them to be able to do the things they’ve always wanted to do,” she says.

 Meet Ken Field

“I want to help people,” says Ken Field. “I can help them learn from my experience.”

Ken knows the importance of planning for a strong financial future, even if he had to learn this valuable lesson the hard way. In 2006, as the owner of a small, successful environmental contracting business, Ken was re-evaluating his company’s retirement objectives and 401(k). “We knew how to make money,” he recalls, “but really didn’t know how to make money work for us.”

Ken befriended Paul Payne, founder of Payne Financial Solutions. Paul showed Ken new concepts using universal life insurance and annuity products to grow and protect his wealth without risk. Despite Paul’s advice, Ken made no changes to his company’s financial plans.

Then came the economic meltdown of 2008 and Ken’s business took a big hit. At that point, he had an epiphany and realized how Paul’s concepts could have helped him, his employees and his business. Ken was determined to help people not make the same financial mistakes he once did.

In 2011 he earned his insurance producer’s license and joined Payne Financial Solutions. “I like the company philosophy of educating the client first, then showing them product options to help them realize their goals,” he says.

Ken helps a broad range of clients. His background gives him a unique awareness of business owners’ needs, along with the great opportunity to help families, tradesmen and young wage earners. “I love the arsenal of products we have,” Ken says. He specializes in key employee plans, pension maximization, retirement Inedex Universal Life policies, basic term policies and 401(k) rollovers.

Ken still maintains co-ownership of his company, but in a smaller role. He is a graduate of Ball State University and lives in Valparaiso with his wife, Trisha, and their Goldendoodle, Wrigley. When he’s not helping people plan their financial futures, he enjoys fishing and landscaping.


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